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Women lead the way to Recovery: Rwanda


By Jamie Van Horne Blood stained clothes draped over the pews and bullet holes in the walls were a vivid reminder. The church in Nyamata, an ominous memorial of what occurred in 1994, stands to commemorate the 15,000 people who sought refuge in this church only to be executed there during the Rwandan genocide. Walking down a narrow marble staircase, we were led into a small vault full of glass-encased skulls and bones of the victims. The skulls told the story of how each person was killed – a thin line through the bone represented a machete, a large hole was a club, and a small hole was a bullet. Behind the case of bones was one casket. It held the body of a single unidentified woman whose death was illustrative of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of other woman across the country. She was raped. Read More »

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