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The Right to Die

The right to die

Guest Editorial The right to die is defined as “Advocating or expressing, as in a living will, a person’s right to refuse extraordinary life-sustaining measures intended to prolong life artificially when the person is deemed by his or her physicians to be terminally or incurably ill. “ It is a highly debated and controversial issue. It is illegal in many countries, such as; The United States, China, Hong Kong and many more. One of the core questions to be is answered is Read More »

Sovereignty cannot be an excuse for injustice

Chavez Morales

By Rebeca Fernández After losing too many cases, Venezuela has announced its plan to exit the Inter American Court of Human Rights (ICHR), an impartial tribunal created by the Organization of American States (OAS) to oversee the application of the Inter American Convention on Human Rights in the region. This decision effectively leaves Venezuelans without the possibility of seeking justice outside their very corrupt and inefficient national judiciary system. Read More »

Bedoon Rights Are Human Rights

Bedoon Rights

Bedoon Rights is an online community founded by Kuwaiti-stateless advocate Mona Kareem. The network is the only online reference in English devoted for the case of statelessness in Kuwait providing relevant official documents translated, reports made by international organizations, daily reporting, videos, photos, and offering help to journalists, correspondents, and bloggers interested in spotting the light on the stateless struggle in Kuwait by offering information, on-ground guidance, and setting up relevant interviews. We had a chance to catch up with Mona to learn more about Bedoon Rights. Read More »

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