Wednesday , 20 August 2014
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To intervene or not…

In international relations, intervention is referred to outsiders interfering with the internal politics of another state, militarily or otherwise. To preserve sovereignty and self determination, states often times decline and prohibit any incoming international help. When we intervene, in spite of resistance, we jeopardize a state’s ability to protect its own citizens and in turn begin an inevitable war. The debate between interventions versus sovereignty has been one of the most heated debates in international relations as the fine balance between the two is seldom identified. Read More »

The end of Gaddafi era

Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds. That was the length of the Gaddafi death video I saw today. Bloody, gory, sickening, and inhumane on many levels. We all knew he had to go and we all were too familiar with his 42 years of dictatorship in Libya. But was this our place to intervene? Read More »

Youth of Yemen

Thank you! Thank you Yemeni Youth for believing in change and thank you for speaking up. This video below displays the 21st century. No matter how much these tyrants oppress their citizens, the youth will still rise and speak their minds. Read More »

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