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When Faith Meets Death Row: Nadarkhani


If your faith clashed the government’s ideals and led you to a death sentence, would you renounce your religion? 34 year old Iranian Christian Pastor, husband, and father of two, Youcef Nadarkhani is facing his death bed as he is allegedly guilty of apostasy from Islam. The church minister was arrested in 2009 for denouncing Iran’s educational practice that requires children to read the Quran in public schools. Immediately after speaking out, Nadarkhani was issued the death sentence. Read More »

Seeking honour through killing: the Shafia trial


Do beliefs and traditions trump human life? How is honour restored through honour killings? Do behaviors, actions, or beliefs cause a separation significant enough to justify murder in the name of honour? Honour killings, mostly directly at women and girl, is the homicide of a family member due to the belief that the victim has brought dishonour upon the community or family. What is considered dishonour? From dressing in an offensive or westernized manner, marrying by own choice to engaging in homosexual acts, some 5000 women and girls are killed yearly by their own family members (UNFPA). Through killing, the honour is restored and purified back into your family and community. Read More »

Conventional Image of Terrorism

Is everyone from the Middle East a Muslim? Are all Middle Easterners Arabs? Does the west stereotype Arabs, Middle Easterners, and Muslims? How do we overcome the myths and misconceptions? When the US was attacked by Al-Qaida in 2001, the media and the world woke up to Islam, to global terrorists, and seemingly the Middle East. The media began to stereotype any Muslim, any Middle Eastern or any one that was affiliated with middle easterners. Read More »

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