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MissRepresentation: “You can’t be what you can’t see”

“It’s all about the body and not about the brain” said one of the young girls featured in MissRepresentation, a documentary on women in media. Sad, right? A young woman should not be insecure about her body and feel less powerful if she does not have the “right” body. What is the right body anyway? Who made up these standards? Read More »

Iran: The 2009 Green Movement and Neda

Neda Agha Soltan, a 27 year old Iranian female who was shot dead in the heart by militia during the 2009 Green Movement became the face of Iran’s struggle. In June 2009, along with three others, Neda was caught in traffic when she was on her way to the protests. She got out of the car for some fresh air and that’s when it all happened. [1]Neda was shot dead in the heart and the last 40 seconds of Neda’s life were captured on a cell phone video and broadcasted internationally via Youtube within minutes. Read More »

Media now and then

Life today without technology feels utterly impossible in our media consumer world. We see it, we hear it, we read it, we consume it, we believe it and we live it. No matter how hard one tries to avoid the media, there is no escape from the influence the media has on society. From Iphones to television to internet to billboards, we are surrounded by the media every day. Even in social unjust countries such as Iran, it is difficult to imagine what society would look like today without the influence of media. Read More »

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