Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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The Black Man’s Burden

So much has been said of the “white man’s burden:” namely, how the collapsing American Empire and bygone British Empire have shouldered the burden of civilising Africa and driving the global economy for centuries. The opposite is true. The fact of the matter is that not only was Western civilisation invented by black Africans in ancient Egypt, Africa has driven global economic growth for centuries. African natural resources, labour, land, slavery and skilled émigré – as any decent economic historian will tell you – have fueled the world’s economy for many, many decades. To this day, Africa is the world’s engine-room for growth. In short, driving global economic growth abroad, whilst benefiting little at home is the “black man’s burden.” Read More »

The end of Gaddafi era

Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds. That was the length of the Gaddafi death video I saw today. Bloody, gory, sickening, and inhumane on many levels. We all knew he had to go and we all were too familiar with his 42 years of dictatorship in Libya. But was this our place to intervene? Read More »

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