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One Year Later, Egypt Continues To Chase The Dream

January 25, 2012 marks the first anniversary of the uprisings that toppled former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak. All of a sudden, Egypt was on the global media stage and the whole world was captivated by the courageous people of this country. With admiration for their brave actions and fear for their future, we witnessed millions marching the streets of Egypt and protesting through Tahrir Square, demanding basic human rights, freedoms and social justice. After 18 tense days of massive protests, Mubarak stepped down and Egypt felt its first wind of freedom. Euphoria, enthusiasm, hope, excitement and sheer happiness was observed and felt globally as Egypt had just achieved the unthinkable. Read More »

Striving for justice in an unjust Middle East

Is gender equality achievable in the shift towards democracy in the Middle East despite the deep-rooted cultural beliefs? This is a daunting yet unavoidable question that hangs over us as we watch the Arab Spring evolve. A year of struggle, devotion, hope, and revolutions has finally given women a chance to break the barriers of fear and speak up. A major shift, a major change, a major opportunity has surfaced for women in the Middle East. From Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere we have witnessed women fighting for change, rights, dignity and opportunity. It has been difficult to miss the powerful presence of women in the revolutions. Their involvement and participation in the public realm has been proven a necessary element of civic society. Read More »

Defiant Elmahdy: Do I have to be naked for you to notice me?

Rebel, activist, blogger, disgrace, un-Islamic, and freedom fighter are only some of the ways Egyptian Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has been described. What do I call her? Fearless. The 20 year old Egyptian nude poser has received global criticism over the last week for her recently released naked picture.The picture sparked national and international controversy because she posted a nude image of herself on her blog in a society where nudity and sexual freedom is frowned upon.  She states that the pictures are “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.” Read More »

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