Friday , 29 August 2014
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Lazy Poverty

Really? Laziness?   When discussing poverty, there is always one explanation I can never grasp. I have been told time and again that people are poor because they are lazy.   Is this really plausible? Are the 1.4 billion people living in poverty today suffering due to a common symptom of laziness?   Very unlikely. Read More »

Why I Care

Yesterday I read that 16,000 Syrians have been killed since March 2011. This number represents 16,000 dreams, potential ideas, children, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, all lost in the face of ignorance. I don’t know any of these people but I do know that each beating heart deserved to be alive had they been given the chance to live out their full potential. While I walk down the beautiful flower filled streets of Vancouver, violence and murder rages on the streets of Syrian capital, Damascus. How is this at all fair? Vancouver is perhaps not a “perfect” place for everyone but for all I know, I am given the chance to live my life at its fullest and to me that is the greatest gift ever. I have a choice to live my life in whichever way I choose. Syrians, and many others around the world, do not have this ... Read More »

The Never-Ending Cycle of “Right” and “Left”

 After reading an article entitled the Age of Ignorance, I decided to have quick look at the comments, which is something I normally never do. Shocked by what I saw, I felt the comments proved that many people are unaware of how the American government works and are duped into occupying themselves with the frivolous distracters the media perpetuates. The article argues that the average citizen has difficulties differentiating truth from propaganda. All I have to do is look at my Facebook wall to feel that this is true. Read More »

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